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About Us

VapeWorks is a Canadian-owned and operated e-commerce company that is committed to providing safe, effective and flavourful tobacco-free products. Our goal is to help you quit smoking and prevent you from relying on potentially harmful vaping products that contain tobacco or toxic chemicals.

VapeWorks has all the vape juice, pods and pod kits you need to kick your smoking habit, while still enjoying the world of flavours and aromas of our excellent inventory. We’ve taken aim at the competition, and we’re ready to vaporize their prices and selection.

We want to exceed your expectations with every puff, every glorious plume of vapor, and every experience you have on our online vape store. We’re devoted to providing you – our loyal Canadian customers – with all the latest tastes of e-juice, and a wealth of quality-assured vape pods, pod kit options & vaping accessories.

What makes us different from other vape companies?

For starters, we’re in this business to support you in your battle against smoking.  Cigarettes, some electronic cigarettes and other products containing tobacco are chalk full of toxic chemicals and harmful substances like hydrogen cyanide, lead, arsenic, ammonia and even some radioactive elements like uranium.  Smoking cigarettes has reached such staggering heights of harm all over the world, and the death toll of long-term smokers can be as high as 1 of every 2 frequent smokers face serious injuries, debilitating health conditions, and even death.

About 15.8-16% of Canadians aged 12+ smoke cigarettes – a very sobering statistic that highlights yet another problem with smoking tobacco products: the underage/youth smoking epidemic.  VapeWorks products are a safer alternative to smoking for adults, and we’re dead set against people smoking harmful cigarettes. To quit smoking you need to be disciplined and committed to your long-term health. With VapeWorks products in your corner, you can live happier and healthier and still get your nicotine fix with a safe, tasty and affordable vape. You don’t need to rely on nicotine from tobacco products – today is a new era for choice, quality and safety when it comes to what you put in your body.

What’s your vaping story?

As a provider of premier vaping products, we love being a part of the strong vaping community, in this great country we all call home. There are so many positive stories about quitting smoking and switching to healthier options – like vaping and e-cigs. These are the kinds of tales of success that drives us to be your #1 choice for nicotine replacements. You can chew gum, you can wear a patch, but why not reward yourself with all the fruity flavors and tantalizing aromas of our wide variety of e-juices?

At Vapeworks’ we pride our selves on keeping our inventory always refreshed and restocked with wide selection of top vape brands like Cactus, Charlie’s Salts,13th Floor Elevapors, L!X, E-Fizz, Fresh Farms, Glas Basix, OG Juice, Naked 100, Pachamama, Salt Nix and WET. When you purchase our vapes, vape juices and other e-cig products you’re tapping into the latest and greatest of the vaporizing market. Vaping is a whole new experience for many lifelong smokers. The smoothness of the drag, the sometimes subtle flavours followed by the pleasing aromas, and the clean intake-and-exhale you get from vaping is unlike anything you’ve ever inhaled before.

Many of our devoted staff truly care about your experience with our products because they vape them too – we’re invested in your experience because it happens to be our own as well. With a growing number of products hitting our virtual shelves, we promise to our customers that we’ll always stay on top of the vaping trends with hot, new items available & daily vape deals to vapers in Canada.

What about all the negative press surrounding vaping?

There’s a lot of stigma swirling around vaporizers and vaping products these days. Unfortunately, too many illegal sources of vape juice and pods use harmful chemicals in processing their products. In fact, most of these dangerous e-cigs and vaping products were from illicit marijuana sources. The major danger of vaping these kinds of shady products is the presence of vitamin E acetate – an oil base used to thicken or increase the perceived quality of certain cannabis-vape products. Vitamin E acetate is a safe supplement in certain topical products, but it is very dangerous to your lungs. This is because when it is heated, vaporized and inhaled vitamin E acetate can clog your respiratory system and even produce a lung irritant called ketene. Don’t risk your health by vaping these dangerous kinds of vapes.

You don’t have to hold your breath against all vaping products, however, because Vape.works only sells vitamin E-free vape juices and pods that are held to the highest safety standards. You can trust in our products, and rely on our dedicated team of vape-experts online to make sure you get the vaping product you want – or even the one you might need. Whether you’re an inexperienced newbie or a stone-cold vaping veteran, we’ve got the vapes you’re looking for.

Canadian vaping is all about safety, assistance with quitting smoking, and being able to select the flavors you want and the quality you’ve come to expect. Vapes sales online and in-stores are easy to find, but not all Canada vapes are created equal. Put your faith in VapeWorks, and let us get to work for your safe, happy and healthy vaping future.

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