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Vape Brands

When you’re looking for the best vaping brands in Canada, look no further than the vast selection of all the popular brands at VapeWorks. We offer daily deals on all the most top brands, e-juices, JUUL pods and accessories. Find everything you need to have the best experience when you shop online – where we work hard for your vape!

Vape Brands Canada

There are a lot of vape brands availabine online in Canada, but not all e-juices and pods are created equally. Whether you're an experienced connoisseur or you're brand new to vaping, we have best products to suit your vaping needs. Our stellar selection of all the top vape brands in Canada includes industry leaders like Charlie's Chalk Dust, STLTH, Fresh Farms, Glas Basix, Naked100, JUUL, Pachamama Salts and so many more. We are committed to providing the best vaping brands so you can customize your vaping experience - both in terms of flavors and potencies. Controlling your nicotine is essential to quitting smoking, so with the right e-juice and pods at your disposal you'll be able to kick the habit without sacrificing on quality, convenience or enjoyability. What's more, we have a wide selection of nicotine salt products to choose from. Nic salts are a superior way to get your daily nicotine fix - salt nic products offer a more highly absorbable form of more naturally derived nicotine sources, allowing you to vape as much or as little as you need with enhanced results.

The e-juices and e-liquid vape pods you'll find online come in a variety of nicotine potencies you will need to effectively manage your nic cravings. Not only do we have the nic salts and safer, smoking alternatives you need to manage your cravings but their selection of popular vape brands includes all the flavors and aromas you love to inhale. We also offer the best prices on wide range of premium products at their Daily Vape Deals page. This is the place to find what you are looking for, at an insanely low price! Starter kits from STLTH, Juno, JUUL starter kits and more provide the sleek and innovative vaporizers, including refill packs of your choice of nicotine concentration and flavors. On top of these vape brands, we offer many high-quality vaping accessories from Nitecore, Samsung and many others. The search for the best brands is over - everything you need and more is online at VapeWorks. Shop the premium quality vapes brands in Canada, where we work hard for your high vaping experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best brands of vapes?
There are many brands of vapes in Canada, but all the top ones in Canada are STLTH, Juno, Charlie's Chalk Dust, Pachamama, Coastal Clouds, Glas Basix, JUUL and Naked 100 are just some of the many popular vape brands you'll find at our online vape shop.

How many brands of vapes are there?
In Canada, there are hundreds - if not thousands - of vape brands to choose from, but your all your vaping needs look no further than the excellent selection at VapeWorks. We work hard to stay up-to-date on all the top brands available, including 22 different pods and vape juice brands and a handful of accessories manufacturers.

What are some vaping companies?
Many of the best vape brands in Canada are available online - 13th Floor Elevapors, STLTH, JUUL, Juno, Glas Basix, Naked 100, Pachamama, Brite, Cactus, Fresh Farms, OG Juice and so much more.

Are vapes made in China?
Some vaporizing products are manufactured, processed or assembled in China, but not all vapes originate overseas. Many of the most popular vape brands in Canada are produced here at home, by our American neighbors, or from Europe and others.

What country's vapes are most popular?
It depends where you're looking to buy vapes - and which customers you ask - but in Canada the top vape brands are typically produced in the United States or here in our great nation.
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