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Brite Juice


Brite vape juice is a local Canadian company that provides a line of unique e-liquid flavours with the focus of bringing freshness, robust flavours and capturing the moment. Handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients and an extreme attention to detail, Brite ejuice produces complex flavour profiles and enhanced ingredients that produce the strongest clouded vapors you’ve ever smoked.Brite juice uses the best quality flavours, designed and created to uphold the highest standards in the vaping industry.

Current Brite Juice Products in Store

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Brite vape juice offers a safe and optimum flavour production that meets all the regulated standards required. Brite juice contains no MCT oil, no lipids of fatty acids and no vitamin E acetate. Each one of their bottles has a child proof tamper evident seal cap, is made in Canada and is manufactured and packaged in an IS07 cleanroom.

Brite vape juice offers a variety of eliquid options that will meet the needs of any particular vape out there. Each one of their products is available in both 3 mg and 6 mg nicotine strengths, making it the perfect choice for those looking to finally kick their nicotine habit. Each bottle of Brite ejuice contains a 70% VG / 30% PG mix per 60 ml bottle.

Each one of Brites vape juice flavours is a delicious twist that will rock your taste buds with their unique and delicious flavours. Let’s jump into the array of amazing flavours Brite ejuice has and find the right one for you.

Brite Coral is one best selling flavours. It draws its inspiration from the tropical jungles and sunny beaches of the world. Coral is rich with mango eliquid that bursts in your mouth with a mixture of complex sweetness and fresh delicious fruit. Designed for those who love strong fruity flavours, Brite emphasis their focus is on the aromatic tropical sweetness that mangos can provide. When vaping Brite Coral each inhale will take you to the days of lying on the beach with not a worry in the world, refreshing yourself in the crisp ocean water while enjoying the sights of beautiful lush tropical jungles.

Crimson is a mixed berry lovers dream, with every toke creating the simple joy of enjoying tasty and refreshing fruit. Organic berries found in the wild is a delight mother nature intended us to experience and Brite has captured that with their Crimson ejuice. The taste of sun ripened berries will explode in your mouth, leaving your taste buds in a state of pure joy. This celebration of berries and nature cannot be underestimated and is guaranteed to be one of your favourite ejuices the moment you experience it.

Iris gets its flavour from a moment in time, inspired by those hot summer pool parties and backyard get togethers Iris is a summer lovers dream. Packed with the refreshing flavour of fruit punch and the natural sweetness of vine ripened grapes, Iris by Brite puts a real emphasis on capturing the flavour of summer. With each inhale you will experience the sweet nectar of your favourite of fruit punch with the natural and organic taste of the vine ripened grapes. Sending your taste buds into a frenzy of pure bliss that provides a refreshing and wholesome vaping experience.

Iced Coral is a one of a kind vaping experience that everyone should experience. This eliquid is a unique mixture of refreshing mangos with the cooling effects of coolatta, reminding your tastebuds of beautiful beaches and cold delicious cocktails. The sweet nectar if ripe mangos and the chilling exhale of the coolatta make Ice Coral by Brite an experience every vapor should enjoy.

Magenta is a one-of-a-kind eliquid that comes from the iconic Chinese fruit lychee. The lychee is a symbol of joy in Chinese culture and is loved by the locals for its succulent and floral aromas. Delicious and complex Magenta is perfect for the exotic fruit lovers out there. It offers a tantalizing inhale that brings forth an array of sweetness and fresh lychee with an exhale of floral notes that will leave you wanting to visit Asia just to try a lychee.

Last but certainly not least is Brite’s Cobalt eliquid. This unique flavour of blue raspberry is a wholesome experience for those who love any candy that is flavoured blue! Made with nostalgia in mind, every puff will bring you down memory lane of ice cold blue popsicles or blue sour gummies you used to devour as a kid. Every inhale offers a mouth-watering sweetness that will refresh your taste buds and remind you of simpler times.

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