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Cactus E Liquid


The Cactus line of freebase and nic salt e-liquids are some of the most unique and enjoyable Cactus vape juice flavours you can find. Each flavour of Cactus e-liquid blends a delightful cocktail of unexpected fruity flavours with a subtle tart and tangy hint of cactus juice for a truly incomparable experience. Bold, fresh flavour every time you hit your vape, good to the last drop and certain to keep your delightful clouds fluffy and delicious.

Current Cactus E Liquid Products in Store

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Chapo Drops Cactus ejuice is a truly wild combination of black currants, pineapple, dragonfruit and cranberry blended with the Cactus tart and tangy trademark base of cactus juice. If you haven’t tried this, VapeWorks crew favourite you are severely missing out on a divine and unparalleled flavour sensation of the sort that can be hard to find. This exotic blast of flavour will have you blowing ecstatic clouds all day long. This freebase nicotine Cactus e-liquid is available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strength levels in a 60ml bottle in a 80VG/20PG blend.

Chapo Cactus ejuice is also available in a nicotine salt variety in 10mg, 20mg and 40mg nicotine strength levels in a 60PG/40VG mixture in a 30ml bottle as Chapo Salts. This much higher nicotine content is still perfectly balanced with the sensational fruit flavours of black currant, pineapple, dragonfruit, cranberry and yes of course you guessed it; cactus juice! Nicotine Salt (or Nic Salt) is the naturally occurring state of nicotine found in tobacco. E-liquid with extracted nicotine salt is known to more closely emulate the nicotine absorption rate of traditional smoking while providing a smoother inhale. Because of this, e-liquid is available in higher nicotine strengths than other e-liquids. Such Nic Salt e-liquid is a great option for new vapers looking for an experience closest to smoking, or existing vapers using low wattage mouth-to-lung e-cigarette devices.  Because of the higher concentration of Nicotine Salt e-liquids, they are not recommended for high wattage or sub-ohm vape devices.

Lemon Drops and Lemon Salts are two more complimentary freebase and nic salt varieties of Cactus vape juice flavours. Lemon Drops is available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths in a 60ml bottle containing a 80VG/20PG mix. Lemon Salts are sold in a 30ml bottle in strengths of 10mg, 20mg and 40mg in a 60VG/40PG blend. Both varieties of this powerful lemon flavour feature the zippy blast of freshly squeezed lemonade on a warm summer day with the subtle hint of a tart and tangy cactus juice flavour. It’s like no other lemonade combination you’ve ever tried before and we’re certain it will knock the socks off of any fan of face puckering flavours.

Tango Drops and Tango Salts are also available and are not to be forgotten. This exotic cocktail of delicious blood oranges, tropical guava and unmistakable cactus fruit flavour will have you kicking back with your shoes off in the sun in no time. You’ll need a tall frosted glass of your favourite beverage and great paperback close at hand because the flavour of Tango Drops from Cactus ejuice will put you on an instant staycation no matter where you find yourself. The freebase Drops variety is available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths in a 80VG/20PG mixture. Tango Salt the corresponding nicotine salt variety comes in 10mg, 20mg and 40mg nicotine strengths and is available in a 30ml bottle containing a 60VG/40PG blend.

And last but certainly not least let’s discuss the unforgettably named Death Salts. With a name that instantly transports the mind to a barren and sun scorched salt flat in the middle of some far flung desert hellscape you might expect the flavour to be something dry, hot and inhospitable to living things. Thankfully the flavour couldn’t be further from the chosen name: a lime and mojito blend that hits like mana from heaven blended perfectly with the namesake cactus e-liquid. Cactus vape juice have created a real stunner with this powerfully flavoured and delicious nicotine salt so it’s no small wonder why they chose such a show stopping name to go along with it! This flavour is only available in a nicotine salt variety at the moment at 10mg, 20mg and 40mg nicotine strength levels in a 60VG/40PG mixture sold in 30 ml bottles.

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