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JUUL vape knows that smoking alternatives can be complicated and intimidating, but believes that vaping can cause a positive impact on those who are looking to quit smoking. JUUL vape was created with those exact people in mind. JUUL wants you to break your traditional routine from your smoking days and begin a new journey with JUUL vape.

Current JUUL Pods Products in Store

JUUL offers both vaping devices and vaping products, from JUUL pods to JUUL vaporizers, all their products are focused around a product that is meant to satisfy adult smokers. JUUL vaporizers offer cigarette-like strength nicotine levels using their proprietary e-liquid to help with those cravings so many adult smokers go through. Vaping with JUUL has never been easier, all you do is insert a JUUL pod on to the mouthpiece of your JUUL vape, tap the vaporizer twice to display the battery life, once your know your battery is charged all you have to do next is enjoy the smooth soothing flavour of your favourite JUUL pod.

JUUL pods are some of the smallest and more versatile pods on the vaping market, each JUUL pod contains either 1.5% 3% or 5% nicotine strength with dozens upon dozens of flavours available. They require no messy refills, all you do is snap the JUUL pod into your JUUL device and puff away, it’s that simple!

Through years of research, JUUL has created a proprietary nicotine-containing e-liquid formulation, mixed and created under a quality-controlled process that abides by industry standards. Their nicotine comes from pharmaceutical grade tobacco plants, containing benzoic acid as part of their nicotine salts formulation and propylene glycol and glycerine to create a visible vapour.

JUUL Starter Kit with 4 Pods is a great option for those who have recently quit smoking and are looking to join the vape revolution. With a JUUL Starter Kit you will receive 1 rechargeable device, 1 magnetic USB charger, 4 JUUL pod cartridges (0.7ml) at 50 mg nicotine. Flavours include , Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Creme Brulee and Virginia Tobacco. This easy-to-use starter kit is a perfect option for the recently quit smoker or for those who enjoy a light smoke throughout the day.

JUUL Canada offers a variety of amazing JUUL flavours that are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds and making the process of quitting smoking that much easier. Every JUUL pod flavour is a unique experience that everyone should be part of. Let’s have a look at the variety of flavours JUUL pods have to offer.

JUUL pods Cucumber is a subtle flavour for those who aren’t looking for more finesse then power when it comes to taste. This refreshing mixture brings together the delicate flavours of cucumber with a hint of minty fresh menthol. With each inhale you will experience what it’s like to come out of a spa, with your whole body feeling relaxed and your appetite for nicotine satisfied. This pod is a JUUL flavour favourite and a great starter pod for those new to JUUL Canada.

JUUL pods Fruit is a creative medley that mixes together the fresh flavour of peaches, sweet berries and the crisp finish of grapes. Loved by those who have been vaping longer then others, this powerful fruity blend provides a sweet and tangy kick with every puff you take.

JUUL pods Mango is for all those tropical fruit lovers out there. This blast of exotic fruit will take your taste buds on a roller-coaster ride and never look back. The flavours of fresh ripe mangos shines through with every inhale and leaves a tasty juicy aroma after each exhale. This JUUL pod is the best option for those hot summer days sitting on the beach soaking in the sun.

JUUL pods Mint is a great way to replace that cigarette habit while leaving your breath smelling minty fresh. This clean and potent peppermint flavour provides a strong menthol kick that everyone loves from their favourite pack of gum. The smooth and cooling vapour is a refreshing inhale that leaves your mouth tasting wonderful after each exhale.

JUUL pods Virginia Tobacco is the perfect starter pod for those who have just made the brave decision to quit smoking cigarettes. Smooth, rich and flavourful, this pod will make you wonder why you ever smoked a cigarette a day in your life. The fresh flavour of tobacco without the harsh consequences makes the Virginia Tobacco pod a smoker’s dream.

JUUL pods Vanilla is a dessert lovers dream. Each inhale is a blast of vanilla flavour with a twist of custard and crème. This pod is the perfect option when you have that sweet tooth craving or after a big meal at home. Each puff will satisfy your smoking and dessert cravings all in one.

When buying your JUUL products online there is no better place to buy vape juice online then Vape.Works. We offer hundreds of the best vape brands in Canada and provide the best vape deal online. Start your vape journey with Vape.Works today!

It’s always important to remember that things like refillable JUUL pods and THC JUUL pods are not manufactured by JUUL Canada and are in no way associated with JUUL. We do not recommend you buy these products. Refillable JUUL pods and THC JUUL pods are off-brand pods and may be unsafe to your health.
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