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The options are endless when it comes to battery chargers, but not many offer the longevity and power that NITECORE chargers do. NITECORE is a leading brand of technology and durability, always outlasting its competitors and providing the quickest charging speeds available.

Current Nitecore Products in Store

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Every NITECORE charger is made with intelligent circuitry which automatically detects batteries and provides powerful charging and accurate current for each chemistry. In doing so, the battery life has a stronger life and gives the quickest charge possible during configuration.

NITECORE chargers are one of the smartest on the market. Each charger offers automatic charging timeouts, reverse polarity detection and short circuit prevention, any battery charged with a NITECORE charger will remain sage and strong during the charging process.

NITECORE chargers are found all over the world and are one of the best selling chargers around. They provide reliability, affordability and superior quality. From charging batteries for your fire detector, flashlish, vaporizer  of other devices. NITECORE always delivers optimal power when you need it the most.

NITECORE has a series of chargers that can meet the needs of most batteries out there today. From traveling to home charging, NITECORE chargers provide a unique versatility that other charging brands can’t.

NITECORE UM Series is the perfect travel companion for those who are on the road and need their batteries charged. Powered by USB input to ensure universal compatibility, the budget friendly UM Series can charge Li-ion and IMR batteries. Each UM Series charger has a UM10 (single slot) or UM20 (dual slot).

NITECORE iSeries are the workhorses of NITECORE chargers. These straightforward universal batteries chargers have a drop and go ability with a simple and easy read indicator light. It comes with a two slot (i2) four slot (i4) and an eight slot (i8).

NITECORE D Series is the fanciest of chargers from NITECORE. These fully digital universal charging units are our highest technology available units with 2-slot and 4-slot versions. The information about your charging and battery is always on display for fast and easy readability.

The NITECORE charger D2, NITECORE charger D4 and Universal Dual Charger are available now at Vape.Works

The NITECORE charger D2 two separate charging slots are managed independently, allowing you to charge different types of batteries at the same time safely. The large digital LDC screen displays the charging progress used for each battery, the actual voltage, current, and how much time it has been charging.

The NITECORE charger D4 charges up to 4 vape batteries simultaneously, each of the four battery slots monitors and charges independently. Optimized charging design for IMR batteries along with integrated LCD panel clearly displaying charging parameters and progress.

NITECORE SC Series is the fastest NITECORE charger available on the market. This speedy charger has an easy to read digital display and fully charges your battery under an hour. It also contains a digital screen that will report key charging information so you are always up to date with all your batter details.

NITECORE Q Series is strictly for li-ion and IMR batteries. It offers some of the fastest charging speeds available, with a no frill display and a lightweight feel making it a great portable option for when you’re on the road.

NITECORE F Series is a great two in one option, acting as both a physical battery charger and a charger with a USB source. The F Series offers the F1 single-slot and F2 dual slot for all your traveling needs. Using a USB power source you can charger you li-ion/IMR batteries or toggle the device output, using your full battery to power other devices.

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