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The Canadian made and invented STLTH closed pod system nicotine salt device from STLTH vape Canada is a serious contender for one of the best pod vapes you can buy today. With a larger battery capacity than the better known JUUL device and available in a wider range of colour options – blue, gray, black and our favourite; pink! The bolder the colour the harder it is to permanently lose the device in a couch cushion or at the bottom of a bag. STLTH pod flavours are some of the best available on the market including great e-liquids by popular producers like Naked 100!

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The larger and rounded form factor of the STLTH may not vanish into a pocket or the palm of the hand as easily as the slimmer and sleeker JUUL vape however the longer battery life will see you needing the charge the unit less often and the unique form factor certainly makes the unit easier to locate by touch alone if you happen to be rummaging through a purse or backpack for it. Not to mention that the STLTH vape price is also very reasonable making it an excellent choice for beginners.

The indicator light is function over fashion when compared to the cool party light function of the JUUL but it serves its purpose glowing white when the unit is charged or firing and an amber orange when it is low on power and requires charging. You’re likely to see the charge warning light a little less often with the larger 420 mAh battery which is over twice the size the JUUL provides. This is a big reason the STLTH is considered one of the best pod system vape devices you can buy.

Another strength over it’s american vape cousin is the size of the STLTH vape pods. At over 2ml the much larger pods will see you reaching for fresh nicotine salt STLTH pods a lot less often with again over twice the capacity of the JUUL. The slight drawback in the tradeoff here is that the STLTH vape pods are a little more prone to leaking at at the end of each pod you may notice some discolouration and a slightly altered taste of the e-liquid as the juice with thicken and gunk up on the coils the closer that you get to the end of each pod. STLTH pod flavours are second to none with a great selection from top quality manufacturers you already know and love. Try all the varieties and find out which ones are your favourite.

These STLTH pods are available in a wide range of great flavours like crisp apple, mango, frost, blue raspberry or tundra berry but it has also partnered with amazing and popular e-liquid manufacturers like Naked 100 to bring their most popular juice flavours to the portable and prefilled nicotine salt pod device space. Among these include the wildly popular Lava Flow and Hawaiian Pog flavours beloved by nic salt and freebase e-liquid fans both. Nicotine strength levels for STLTH pods start at 20mg nicotine strength levels and increase to 35mg and 50mg per ml as you move up the ladder of available strengths. Try one today and discover why STLTH vape pods has some of the best vape pods on the market. Check out all the different flavours in our online shop to see our STLTH pod reviews.

But possibly the strongest advantage it has over the JUUL is it’s much more straightforward battery charging system. Instead of a proprietary USB dongle that you have to keep track of at all times (on top of keeping track of the tiny JUUL device itself!) you will receive a micro USB cable in your STLTH vape starter kit that is much the same as many you are likely to already have available to you at your home and office. These same cables are available frequently for very little cost at most convenience stores and discount shops and are most commonly used for charging phones, tablets and other small electronic devices. This ensures that you are far less likely to find yourself in the circumstance where your device runs out of charge and you have no method to plug it in and replenish it – a new charging cable is likely waiting for you in your desk drawer or at the store just down the street from you at any given time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in a STLTH Starter Kit?
The starter kit comes in two varieties and in several different colour options. Inside the STLTH dry starter kit there is one battery unit and a charging cable and inside the other starter kit you also receive a single pod of 35mg/ml vape juice, typically in the berry blast flavour.

How many puffs are in a STLTH pod?
This is determined by the method and frequency of use however most users report single STLTH pods are roughly the same as two packs of regular strength cigarettes.

What pods are compatible with STLTH?
Only pods manufactured by STLTH in its brand packaging are compatible for use with its device.

How much does a STLTH cost in Canada?
For a starter kit including a sample pod of e-liquid the price is $24.99. It includes only the battery unit and charger has a price of $19.99.

Is STLTH better than JUUL?
In many ways yes: larger pod and battery capacity, easier to charge, harder to lose. The Canadian STLTH wins on nearly all fronts.
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