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Vape Pods

Are you in the market to buy some pod systems? Check out the awesome selection of the absolute best brands when you shop at our online store – STLTH, JUUL and Juno pods and vape starter kits.

Our Selection of Vape Pods

Buy Vape Pods Online

Have you made the switch to pod systems yet? E-juice pods are the new and improved way to get the most out of your vaping experience. Designed to be potent, mobile and sleek enough to fit in your pocket, vape pods in Canada have become one of the leading types of vaporizing products. With tops brands like STLTH, JUUL and Juno available, we're your #1 source to buy pod systems online. We have pod kits come in many different nicotine potencies, flavors, aromas and more. Pod systems like the STLTH, JUUL or Juno are as convenient as they are sleek and stylish. All of these vaporizer designs are meant to fit in your pocket, they're slim-and-trim almost like a cigarette, and they are very user-friendly (no messing around with settings or learning a new device, just inhale and enjoy!). When you buy pod systems online from us, you're selecting from the top brands, the best vape pods in Canada, and the discounted prices on all your favorite flavors.

Your E-Juice Flavor Pods

Quitting smoking is tough enough on its own, but did you know that vaporizers and vape pod systems were designed with your struggles in mind? It's discreet, so they can be stashed anywhere and can be inhaled any time. When you buy pod systems online, you can choose from among hundreds of flavors as well as nicotine concentrations. You can better control your nicotine cravings with certain strengths of nicotine. Not only are vape pods a better option for managing your nicotine dependency, but they come in a variety of delicious flavors like mint, vanilla, fruit, cucumber, key lime, Hawaiian POG, blue raspberry, berry blast, frost and so many more! Treat yourself, enjoy your vaping to the fullest, and don't ever go back to smoking smelly, toxic cigarettes ever again when you make the switch to pod systems. Check out our exciting daily vape deals page - where we work hard for your vaping experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pod in vape?
A vape pod or a pod system is a specific kind of vaporizer than uses container-like pods instead of e-juice cartridges. When you're looking to buy pods at our online store, you're getting more flavors, more convenience and high-quality doses of very potent & flavorful vape e-liquids from STLTH, JUUL and Juno brands.

What's the best pod vape?
Many experienced vapers have their favorite brands, but our selection of the top vape pods in Canada means you get access to all three of the best pod brands: STLTH, JUUL and Juno.

How much is a pod for vaping?
You can find some of the best deals online in the vaping market across Canada. When you're looking to buy vape pods online, look no further than the excellent deals at our online vape shop - it can range from $12.99 on single pod to $22.99 for refill packs of 3-5.

What is the cheapest pod system for vaping?
All of the vape pods at our online store are a great deal, but when it comes to maximizing quality-for-value almost no one is better than STLTH pods in Canada. STLTH, Juno and JUUL pods offer excellent selection of flavors, potencies and affordable refill packs, and they're usually within $5-10 of each other.

Is STLTH better than JUUL?
Brand preferences are completely up to the individual, and both STLTH and JUUL have many excellent qualities of their own. Both brands offer vape starter kits, vape pod refill packs and ever-expanding offerings of tasty flavors and nicotine concentrations.

What vape is better than JUUL?
The best e-juice or vaporizer brand for you will depend on each individual's needs, budget and preferences. JUUL is an excellent and well-known vaping brand, and with its convenient e-juice pods it's no wonder that JUUL is one of the top brand in Canada. There are many other awesome pods & vaping accessories for sale, such as STLTH and Juno.
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